As a fiduciary, you are responsible for making investment decisions on behalf of a charity or its beneficiaries. The liability is placed on your shoulders to select and monitor plan assets with an appropriate level of risk based on the foundation or endowment documents. We can help you establish a clear written process to reduce risk and meet your objectives.

When serving on a nonprofit board or as a trustee for the benefit of others, you are responsible for making good, clear decisions based on the trust or endowment documents. Bragg Financial provides the following services to help you meet your obligations.

  • Determine client goals, cash flow needs, risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Establish an Investment Policy Statement
  • Provide clear, concise quarterly performance reporting
  • Provide online client portal for accessing interim reporting

Bragg Financial Advisors launched the Queens Road Funds in 2002. The Funds are managed utilizing a fundamental, bottom-up approach to construct a diversified portfolio. Our research process is built on the principles established by Benjamin Graham to identify companies that are trading at a discount to intrinsic value.

In 2020, Bragg Financial Advisors entered into a strategic partnership with First Pacific Advisors, LP (FPA), and renamed the funds the FPA Queens Road Small Cap Value Fund and the FPA Queens Road Value Fund. Bragg Financial now serves as sub-advisor to the Funds and continues to manage the Funds’ portfolios. In their new role as advisor to the Funds, FPA provides administration, marketing, and distribution services. Bragg’s Steve Scruggs, CFA, has served as portfolio manager for the Funds since their inception in 2002 and continues in that role under the new partnership.

To learn more about our philosophy, process, risks and performance and to download a prospectus, please visit the FPA website at www.fpa.com


The FPA Queens Road Funds are distributed by UMB Distribution Services, LLC. Queens Road Securities, LLC, an affiliate of Bragg Financial Advisors, Inc., served as the distributor of the Funds from inception through August 2020.

Sound Advice,
Wise Decisions

We’ve assembled an experienced team of experts coupled with a clear investment philosophy and a disciplined, unemotional process.

Investment Approach

Investment Committee

Investment Philosophy

  • We utilize a long-term investment approach grounded in proven academic research.
  • We build a portfolio for each client with an appropriate amount of risk to achieve their goals.
  • We diversify broadly across asset class, market sector and individual security.
  • We remove emotion and speculation from the investment process, replacing them with diligence, discipline, and patience.

Investment Process

  • Investment Policy Statement—We prepare a custom-written Investment Policy Statement for each client based on age, assets, income needs, and legacy plans.
  • Portfolio Holdings—The portfolio will typically be invested in individual securities, low-cost indexed and actively managed funds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Portfolio Management—We rebalance the portfolio to the client’s stated target allocation at regular intervals.
  • Customization—The portfolio can be customized to accommodate a client’s long-term over-weights in certain stocks or low-cost basis holdings.
  • Tax Efficiency—We utilize tax loss harvesting and an asset location strategy for greater tax efficiency.
  • Custody—Accounts are custodied at Schwab or Pershing.
  • Performance Reporting—We provide clear, comprehensive quarterly performance for each asset class, underlying managers and holdings, including assets at other institutions.
  • Bragg Client Portal—Clients have 24/7 access to account performance, transactions, capital flows, gain/loss information and more.


Bragg Financial’s Advisory Fee is calculated as a percentage of your portfolio value. Our fee starts at less than 1% of portfolio value and declines as a percentage at higher portfolio values. A minimum of $5 million in assets under management is normally required to engage our firm, although this minimum may be waived in certain circumstances. We encourage you to read more about our fee schedule and services provided in our Firm Brochure—Form ADV Part 2A.