We believe that a clear financial plan provides the foundation for making good investment decisions.

We begin by listening to you. Our team of experts will spend a lot of time asking questions and listening to your thoughts, your plans, your worries, your hopes and dreams.

  • We will help you articulate clear, measurable goals for your saving, spending and giving objectives.
  • Based on your planning for how and when your assets are to be used, we will prepare a written Investment Policy Statement to meet your financial goals.
  • We will provide clear, concise quarterly performance reporting and 24/7 access to the client portal.
  • We provide our clients with the confidence that their planning is in good order and their assets are invested with an appropriate level of risk to meet their objectives.
What We Do


All of our clients are unique and have different planning and investing needs. Our services are scalable to fit your needs. In addition to the overview of services described above, our team of experts can advise you on the following:

Wealth Advisory Services

Wills & Trusts

Review and advise on wills, trusts, beneficiary designations and ownership of assets

Cash Flow Projections

Provide multi-stage retirement scenarios and cash flow projections

Tax & Estate Planning

Review and advise on tax and estate planning opportunities

College Education Funding

Provide advice regarding methods of saving for college

Debt and Financing

Provide advice on use of debt and second home financing

Employer Benefits

Provide advice on 401(k) contributions and investment allocation, stock options, deferred compensation and employer benefits

Social Security

Provide advice regarding drawing optimal social security benefits

Charitable Giving

Provide advice on charitable giving strategies, donor-advised funds, gifts of appreciated assets and charitable remainder trusts

Land Conservation

For clients with a desire to preserve land, we are uniquely positioned to provide advice regarding conservation easement planning and tax benefits

Your Other Advisors

Work closely with your attorney and accountant and other advisors to coordinate planning strategy

Family Office Services

Our family office services are as unique to each household as are your own goals and objectives. We understand that with significant wealth comes a great responsibility and added complexity to manage the impact of your wealth. We help you address the financial, social and personal aspects of your legacy with strategic, big-picture thinking to provide custom solutions across a broad range of financial issues:

Family Office Services

Mission Statement

Articulate a family mission statement that conveys your vision

Meaningful Conversations

Engage your heirs in deep discussions around family business succession, philanthropic intentions and generational wealth


Craft a roadmap and educate successors to be responsible stewards of the family’s wealth

Plan Report Card

Properly align your assets with your estate plan and track changes in asset value and ownership over time

Performance Reporting

Provide clear, concise quarterly performance reporting and 24/7 on-demand performance through client portal

Asset Protection

Review family risk management, reputation management and other asset protection measures

Estate Settlement

Provide concierge level support services to guide you through the settlement of your loved one’s estate

Fiduciary Management

Oversight of trustees, executors and other agents to ensure proper administration of your affairs

Succession Planning

Discuss transition and continuity planning for your business, your philanthropic plans and your personal financial affairs


Coordinate with your other advisors to ensure an enduring legacy

Sound Advice,
Wise Decisions

We’ve assembled an experienced team of experts coupled with a clear investment philosophy and a disciplined, unemotional process.

Investment Approach

Investment Committee

  • Made up of research analysts and portfolio managers with advanced degrees (MBA) and industry certifications (CFA)
  • Committee members average over 20 years of industry experience
  • Conducts research of individual securities and active fund managers
  • Determines investment strategy and develops target portfolio allocations
  • Monitors performance and risk and adjusts as needed

Investment Philosophy

  • Bragg Financial Advisors uses a disciplined investment approach based on Modern Portfolio theory and other proven academic research.
  • Our philosophy emphasizes diversification, long-term holding periods, fundamental analysis, and risk-adjusted returns.
  • We remove emotion from the investment decision process, replacing it with diligence, discipline, and patience.
  • The resulting portfolio has the right amount of risk based on your objectives and has the greatest likelihood of success over time.

Investment Process

  • Written Investment Policy Statement custom-designed for each client
  • Portfolio typically invested in individual securities, indexed and actively managed mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Accounts are custodied at Pershing or Schwab
  • Tax optimization approach locates assets in pre-tax or after-tax accounts in order to minimize taxes
  • Portfolio customized to accommodate a client’s long-term over-weights in certain stocks or low-cost basis holdings
  • Ongoing portfolio management rebalances to target allocation and strives for tax efficiency and loss harvesting
  • Provides clear, comprehensive quarterly performance reporting for portfolio, asset class and underlying managers
  • Provides client portal for 24/7 access to performance reporting
  • Reporting includes assets held away in 401(k) plans and other accounts


Bragg Financial Advisors provides expert financial advice and disciplined portfolio management for a fee that is calculated as a percentage of your account value. A minimum of $3 million in assets under management is required to engage our firm, although this may be waived in certain circumstances. Our fees start just below 1% and decrease based on the assets under management. We encourage you to read more about our fee schedule and services provided in our Firm Brochure—Form ADV Part 2A.