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Make Good Decisions

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Charlotte, NC 28203
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Investment & Special Commentary

1st Quarter 2017: Reagan, Trump and the Chevy Vega
By Benton S. Bragg CFP®, CFA

My father's response to the oil embargo of 1973-74 was to trade in our gas-guzzling station wagon for a more fuel-efficient mode of transportation. Prior to the trade, the Bragg family of six traveled in a Chevrolet Townsman 9-seater station wagon that sported a 350 cubic-inch V8 engine, weighed 4,300 lbs. and boasted gas mileage of 11 mpg. Read more

March 2017: Robots, Drones, Self-Driving Cars and Bragg Financial

4th Quarter 2016: Jackson Lake

December 2016: It's Always Tuesday Morning: An Article on Timing the Market

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Financial Planning Commentary

Phillips Bragg
Preparing for Tax Law Changes—Actions to Consider Now
December 2016
by Phillips M. Bragg, CFP®, AEP®

For the reader with the short attention span, here is a brief list of actions to consider taking in advance of potential changes to income tax laws in 2017 as a result of Republican control of Congress and the White House. Read more

Mary Lou Daly
Protecting Yourself from Cyber Threats
December 2016
by Mary Lou Daly, CFP®, CPA

Identity theft is an increasing concern in our electronically-driven world. Scammers, phishers and identity thieves view "hacking us" as their daily job. Someone once likened it to a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. While research suggests the elderly, newly divorced and college students are the most vulnerable, there is no question that we're all targets for the bad guys. Below are actions you can take to help protect yourself. Read more

Debbie Taylor
One Last Gift
A Planning Guide for Survivors

September 2016
by Debbie Taylor

For two and a half years I cared for my father after he moved to Charlotte to live in a retirement community. He was finally convinced to move to Charlotte after his companion of eleven years passed away. The two of them met in 2002 and for seven years they traveled the globe. Then in 2009, my dad's companion suffered a stroke and over the next four years, my dad drove to see her in a nursing home nearly every day. Read more

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News Feed

Bragg News
Bragg-sponsored Girl Scout Troop Completes First Year
May 24, 2017 Girl Scout Troop 487, sponsored by Bragg Financial Advisors, celebrated completion of their first year at Druid Hills Academy with a Daisy Petal Ceremony.

Charlotte Business Journal names Bragg to list of largest local financial planning firms
Charlotte Business Journal
May 5, 2017 by Amy Shapiro
Bragg Financial Advisors comes in at number six on the list. Ranking is based on the number of CFP® professionals.

Bragg Financial a proud sponsor of 2017 WDAV Young Chamber Musicians Competition
April 23, 2017 The competition featured young musicians ages 14-25 from around the country and was streamed live by WDAV. Winners received a share of $12,000 in prize money and will perform in the upcoming 2017-18 Davidson College Concert Series. Learn more about the event, meet the competitors, and watch a rebroadcast of the event here.

Financial Advisor—Value Investing In An Age Of Accelerating Change
April 17, 2017 Portfolio Manager Steve Scruggs and Bill Hortz discuss how Benjamin Graham principles apply to today's innovative companies as Queens Road Funds looks for investment opportunities. Visit Queens Road Funds or download a prospectus.

Morningstar magazine features Queens Road Funds
April 5, 2017 Tom Lauricella sat down with the investment team at Queens Road Funds for an in-depth interview to learn more about our people, process and results over time. Morningstar named the Queens Road Small Cap Value fund to the Morningstar Prospects list in 2016 and chose to feature the fund in the April 2017 issue of the magazine. Visit Queens Road Funds or download a prospectus.

Bragg News
Bragg Financial is growing! Welcome Lynn Araujo.
February 1, 2017 Bragg Financial Advisors welcomes Lynn Araujo to the firm as a Senior Financial Planner.

Barron's discusses value investing with Queens Road Funds Managers
October 4, 2016 Visit Queens Road Funds or download a prospectus.

Forbes contributor Wally Forbes interviews Portfolio Manager Steve Scruggs
September 22, 2016 Visit Queens Road Funds or download a prospectus.

Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource Select List
August 31, 2016 Press release announces Queens Road Small Cap Value named to Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource Select List for Q3 2016. Visit Queens Road Funds or download a prospectus.

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